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2006-02-02 @ 7:32 p.m.

Unfortunate Accident

fr. F. dormir to
sleep (Prov. E. dorm to doze) + E. mouse; or perh. changed
fr. F. dormeuse, fem., a sleeper, though not found in the
sense of a dormouse.] (Zo["o]l.)
A small European rodent of the genus {Myoxus}, of several
species. They live in trees and feed on nuts, acorns, etc.;
-- so called because they are usually torpid in winter."

Websters Dictionary 1913


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I know I've not posted here very much recently. It's because I am unfaithful to diaryland and use my Live Journal far more.

I have given up my Gold membership as I am not getting my money's worth.

I am still tired but at least the headache which has pounded away all day has gone.

I arrived to find a congratulatory email from the minister about last night�s event. I was most unnecessarily pleased. I also had 35 emails of thanks from head teachers and one form my boss. Evidence for the annual report methinks. Tomorrow I have to accompany the Minister on a visit.

I left work at 4pm unable to think anymore. I earned plenty of flexi last night anyway. However after two painkillers I regained some ability to function. So this evening I�ve cleared the kitchen cooked my supper and some for kerrilouise and baked a cake with some past their best bananas.

Unfortunately while trying to heat the honey for the cake so it would flow more easily it exploded and burned me, fortunately I was wearing a long sleeved top and it missed my face. Unfortunately a spot of boiling sugar landed on the very top of my right breast.

I ran for cold water at once but I still have one small blister which hurts lots! It is only a first degree burn so I am sure it will heal quickly but it is unsightly and I am sore. I cannot decide whether to wear a top which will cover and conceal it or go for one which won�t touch it and allow the air to heal it and have to make explanations.

Sympathy, flowers and chocolates will all be gratefully received by the invalid. Ridicule is not wanted and will be ignored.

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